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Commercial / Business Lawyer Palmerston North – Jeremy McGuire

I know that being in business is not always easy but it can be great when it works well. I have the knowledge and experience to help you to obtain your commercial goals and can provide comprehensive expert legal advice on how to reach your initial and continuing financial success. I always carefully listen before suggesting what could be in your best financial interests.

The Range of Business Law Services I Provide

• buying a business
• selling a business
• commercial property
• franchises and franchising
• incorporating a company
• share transfers or re-allocations
• company constitutions
• shareholder agreements
• buying and selling commercial premises
• commercial finance
• personal guarantees
• corporate guarantees
• negotiating a lease or assignment of a lease
• commercial leases
• intellectual property
• partnership and joint venture agreements
• licensing agreements
• employment law
• independent contractor agreements
• company restructuring and downsizing
• profit share agreements including employee share purchase schemes
• confidentiality agreements
• partnership agreements
• sale and purchase agreements
• asset protection
• trusts and trustees
• resolving disputes
• agribusiness

Full Service Advice

Most business law advice involves more than one matter or problem. For example, ownership may raise relationship property or tax issues. I have the experience to advise you on the best structure for your business with those factors in mind.

Commercial leases are the current biggest issue for businesses as a result of COVID-19. Some businesses will not survive or may wish to change to trading online instead of from a shop or other retail outlet. That will be difficult if the business also has leased premises. A lease is a specialised contract where the tenant is granted the right to trade from specified premises for a specified term for a specified rent. It is usually very difficult to unilaterally terminate a lease (but not necessarily impossible). It all depends. Also, there could be other options such as assigning the lease to somebody else or subletting.

I am also aware that clients can be a bit overwhelmed with the legal complexities involved in due diligence or meeting the ongoing legal responsibilities of owning and operating a business. As a legal expert in business law, I will ensure that you fully understand all of the documentation involved in any particular matter over which I am assisting you and I will give you practical advice in plain English that you will be able to fully understand.

I am thorough and professional. I very carefully ensure that due diligence is properly followed in any business purchase or commercial lease matter. I ensure that the latest legal developments are included in anything I do on your behalf. If the law changes for some reason I will ensure that any document that is affected by the legal change complies with that legal change.

Jeremy McGuire: Business / Commercial Lawyer Palmerston North

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